Intransit Container, Inc.
   "the port of Worcester"  

ICI Trucking

For all your New England Intermodal Traffic

Service provided between
all New England points and

                - Port of Worcester 
                - Port of Boston
                - Port of NY&NJ
                - Port of Philadelphia

ICI Trucking Features


  • Dedicated private chassis fleet

  • Tri-axles for 20' containers up to 44,000 lbs.

  • Air-Ride, 8 and 12-pin chassis

  • Hazardous Material certified carrier

  • Liquor permits

  • U.S. Customs bonded carrier

  • 24-hour delivery service

  • One-way service on our chassis between Worcester & Ports of NY&NJ/Philadelphia

  • Full lift capability

     Please e-mail for all rate quotes

    Please include the following information when requesting a rate:
    • Pick-up, delivery and return locations.
    • Steamship line if known
    • Contact information